Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teen Events for November

Pizzamania Book Club
Thursday, November 12
Eat some pizza and chat about great books! Sign up and check out a copy of the current book at the reference desk.

Nerdfighters Gathering
Sunday, November 15
Hank Green is a singer, videoblogger, half of Brotherhood 2.0, and co-founder of the Nerdfighters. What are "Nerdfighters"? I found a good quote about it over at their website:

"Nerdfighters are about raising money and awareness for important causes. Nerdfighters are about building a supportive community of friends. Nerdfighters are about stupid beautiful projects and making each other laugh and think with t-shirts and pocket protectors and rants about the situation in Pakistan which sucks right now. In the contemporary world where things fall apart and the center can not hold you have to imagine a community where there is no center... A lot of life is about doing things that don’t suck with people who don’t suck."

Anyhow, it should end up being an event with lots of folks looking to save the world and have a good time together. Hank will give a talk, perform some songs, and then all the current and future Nerdfighters will have a chance to meet and laugh and scheme. Come on down, should be a fun evening.

Other Events You Might Like

Movie Screening: "Baby It's Cold Outside"
Tuesday, November 3
Screening of a new, award-winning romantic comedy by local filmmaker Pam e Ross.

Encinitas Concerts at the Library: Veronica May and the To-Do List
Wednesday, November 4
A "scratch-and-slap" acoustic guitar virtuoso with heartfelt songs and a killer voice. Part of a new monthly acoustic concert series at the library.

Hutchins Consort Family Concert Series: Jazz in the Mornin'
Saturday, November 14
Eight violinists will spend the morning playing jazz classics from Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Lily Coffee and Fred Charlton.

Edible Book Festival
Saturday, November 21
Contest of edible art, on the theme of books. Make Harry Potter out of marshmallows, make a witty sculpture of The Grapes of Wrath, whip up some Green Eggs and Ham, or make up your own idea that isn't as dumb as these ones I made up. Prizes awarded by age group: 6 and under, 7-12, teen, and adult.

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