Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Looking for volunteers

The Encinitas Library is looking for volunteers in grades 6-12 to participate in our Homework Help program. The program has a team of teens helping elementary school kids with their homework assignments. We will have Homework Help sessions Wednesday afternoons, and Monday evenings. It's a great way to work with children, help the community, and build your college resume.

If you're interested in participating, please come to the library (or call us, 760-753-7376) and ask for Jake or Irene.

Teen Events for September

In case you have any free time once school starts again...

Pizzamania Book Club
Thursday, September 10
Eat pizza and chat about books. This month's book is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Check out a copy from the front desk.

And... that's it for September.

Other Library Events You Might Like

Peter Rutman Jazz & Blues
Sunday, September 6
Free concert, featuring jazz, blues, and latin tunes by the Peter Rutman band.

Reducing Stress
Tuesday, September 15
A look at healthy ways to deal with your stressful life.

Exploring Antarctica
Thursday, September 17
Vanessa Puniak shares stories & photos from her trip to the South Pole.

Spanish Conversation
Every Friday
Practice your Spanish with other Spanish speakers of various skill levels.

Game Over... for now

Bad news, folks. For the past months, we've been having our video game events (we've been calling it "Game On". Not a great name, I know) twice a month, and they've been pretty popular. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and the generally scary economy, we're having to cut back on this a lot.

I know for sure that we'll be having an all-ages Rock Band 2 tournament in December. And we'll probably do some sort of game event in October. But that might be it for the rest of this year.

Don't forget, though, that we have free video games that you can check out for the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. The only downside is that you have to get on a waiting list for each title, and it can take a few weeks. But hey! FREE!!!